Moving to the cloud is just a matter of timing

Alexander Schrödel is responsible for IT at Rehau Industries.  The company, which supplies polymer solutions for automotive, construction and other industries, has extensive experience in EDI.  Schrödel himself sees the…

Alexander Schrödel is responsible for IT at Rehau Industries.  The company, which supplies…

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Air it out and sweep the cobwebs, or: doing EDI migration right

Companies in automotive spend easily dozens of years building up their EDI. And it gets…

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EDI could be with us for the next 15 years, says RAPA's IT chief

Thomas Schott has been responsible for IT at Rausch & Pausch (RAPA) for six years. However, he…

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EDI is alive and well, says Tolga Ozkundakci of IAC

Occasionally one can hear the opinion that EDI is slowly but surely leaving the scene. Ozkundakci…

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Now that we have the data, let's mine it across the supply chain

Visibility. A key word in today's automotive industry. Specifically, supply chain visibility. In…

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EDI mapping in automotive? A quick and affordable solution exists

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an essential part of business, and this naturally applies…

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Automotive for a New Age: Localised Manufacturing and Supply Chains Alongside New Business Models

For over a year now, the global economy has seen a trial by fire, and it is struggling with the…

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B2B Communication in Automotive: The Basics

The automotive sector places greater demands on suppliers than almost any other sector. Individual…

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How Does a Car Get Painted aka APS in Paint Shops

You come into the showroom, the salesman hands over the keys and you step up to your new car for…

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The Specifics of Delivering for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

A new JLR plant is being constructed in Slovakia. This is one of the largest foreign investments in…

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