Automotive for a New Age: Localised Manufacturing and Supply Chains Alongside New Business Models

For over a year now, the global economy has seen a trial by fire, and it is struggling with the impacts of anti-epidemic measures. In automotive, the pandemic has mercilessly revealed the vulnerability of global manufacturing and…

For over a year now, the global economy has seen a trial by fire, and it is struggling with the…

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Expensive electromobility may endanger Europe’s OEMs

Even ten years from now, European OEMs will still spend more to produce each electric vehicle than…

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B2B Communication in Automotive: The Basics

The automotive sector places greater demands on suppliers than almost any other sector. Individual…

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How Does a Car Get Painted aka APS in Paint Shops

You come into the showroom, the salesman hands over the keys and you step up to your new car for…

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The Specifics of Delivering for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

A new JLR plant is being constructed in Slovakia. This is one of the largest foreign investments in…

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František Finger, TRCZ: We Implemented WMS Mainly for Traceability

The TRCZ company is a daughter company of the Tokai Rika company, Japan. The company manufactures…

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Magna: Transfer of Production Planning Experience from the Czech Plant to Germany

Magna is a leader in the automotive industry for the production and supply of components. Every…

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Asprova Opened Our Eyes. Thanks to It We Were Able to Reduce Our Stock by 50%

The Futaba Czech company started an implementation of the Asprova system for advanced planning and…

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