Digital Factory

New I4.0 Technologies Must Be Adaptable into the Industrial Environment

The WITTE Automotive company ranks among global technological leaders. The production plant in…

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Api‑Led Connectivity – Key for Successful Digital Transformation

API is a very frequently mentioned term in the area of information technology.

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Make It Digital! Your Reward Will Be Flexibility and Speed

One of leaders in the industrial automation market, the American company Rockwell Automation claims…

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Who Will Win the IoT Global Network Race?

The starting shot was heard. The race has been started, regarding who would build the global…

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Planning of SMT Lines and Consequent Processes in Electronics

Practically all companies fabricating electronics use the SMT (Surface Mount Technology). In most…

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Optimizing Loading and Unloading with YMS

The ever growing variety and number of products means a growing number of suppliers and customers…

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The Data War Has Been Declared, Production Including

The avalanche of terms from the world includes Industry 4.0, Advanced manufacturing, Smart factory,…

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Integration of Systems with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Integration of systems in a company is important not only for the elimination of errors or current…

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Vertical Lift Storage: When the Component Comes to the Operator

Navigation of the warehouse operator using light indication. World’s gone mad, what was enough…

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MOM Is the Future! What Is the MOM of the Future?

Manufacturing companies will be facing challenges in the near future that will drive deeper and…

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