Michal Karim


Michal Karim’s mission at Aimtec is to seek out new business opportunities – especially for the new Location Based Services (LBS) technology, which enables the localisation of objects within buildings. Michal coordinates a team of developers and business experts, to ensure that together, they find the best occasions to use LBS in customers’ real-world operations. He has this to say about the ongoing digital transformation:

“For long years now, we all have been experiencing the digital transformation quite personally. We use electronic mail instead of the paper post, and we no longer learn the latest news from the press. Right now, we’re making digitalisation more effective in some areas (wireless accessories) while creating new opportunities in others (various music formats), and in yet others, we’re still just beginning. LBS are used in monitoring the movements of objects in real time. Meanwhile, inside buildings specifically, movement tracking is still in its infancy. And as long as such “blind spots” continue to exist, we won’t be able to make full use of the digital transformation’s benefits. I’m thinking of such benefits as, for example, digital twins for factories, simple, low-cost training for new employees, greater cooperation between people and robots, Machine Learning and effective work with Big Data.”

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