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The Trends in Automotive Logistics Conference 2023: Take a Backstage Look at the Digital Factory

Despite all the current crises, digitalisation is running full steam – for manufacturing firms, the…

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Automation: only a scalable concept will ensure companies a place in the market in ten years' time

Automation has been penetrating logistics for many years. Automation technologies often include a…

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Automation diminishes flexibility. Aimtec’s Rostislav Schwob explains how to restore it.

A full 95% of the firms approached in the Trends in Czech Logistics 2022 study stated that they…

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How not to get lost in the flood of OEM concepts in EDI communication

Recall (4905, 4984, DELFOR, 4A3, ANSI 830). Yes, this is also the OEM requirements for EDI…

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New logistics management let Germany’s RKT get a lead on its competition

Material handling costs, precise traceability, compliance with expiration dates. Every…

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EDI communication with new partners is now a piece of cake, says Thomas Schott of RAPA

RAPA supplies components and system solutions for automotive, healthcare and industrial…

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Digital tools will prevent deadheading and save tens of percent in transport costs

The cost of transporting goods is one of the most expensive items on a company's books. However,…

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Moving to the cloud is just a matter of timing

Alexander Schrödel is responsible for IT at Rehau Industries.  The company, which supplies…

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Automation Remains Main Trend in Czech Logistics Even in Times of Expected Crisis

What does the present and future of Czech logistics look like? Where are investments going? To what…

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Clean up the data jungle, centralize and prepare data for advanced production

The quality of system outputs corresponds to the quality of the inputs. This simple formula has…

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Data. Data. And more data! How can you master it and ensure it’s clear and on time?

In manufacturing and logistics, you’re faced with mountains of data, and you need to master those…

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Reporting, digitization and 3D visualization streamlines logistics processes by tens of percent

The complexity of today's industrial production brings manufacturing companies a huge amount of…

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Air it out and sweep the cobwebs, or: doing EDI migration right

Companies in automotive spend easily dozens of years building up their EDI. And it gets…

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Paul Martinez and José Ruiz: SEAT:CODE digital lab is revolutionising SEAT’s supply chain

First the order, then production. SEAT’s digital division has turned this Spanish automaker’s…

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EDI could be with us for the next 15 years, says RAPA's IT chief

Thomas Schott has been responsible for IT at Rausch & Pausch (RAPA) for six years. However, he…

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