Pavel Boháč


Pavel Boháč has specialised in advanced planning and scheduling since the beginning of his professional career. He sees in it the potential for getting more efficiency out of every factory. He’s worked his way up from the role of consultant to that of division manager – he’s in charge of the strategic development of advanced planning and scheduling at Aimtec. He’s the man in charge of not only Aimtec’s APS team but also the technical development of the product so that it keeps pace with new demands and technologies.   

 He has this to say about the current state of digitalisation and advanced planning: “You can take the digitalisation process at logistics and manufacturing companies today and divide it up by the two groups of participants in this ‘change’. The people in the first group are obsessed with the thought that supporting supply chain management with all the latest IT systems will automatically lead to growing revenues/turnover/efficiency/etcetera. The second group is made up of ‘straight-line drivers’: change, for them, means danger, and new technologies an obstacle; their data is easy to manage, but it’s usually in a system that they and their supplier have been ‘patching forward’ for decades. Finding a visionary today who’s between these two typologies and who can analyse opportunities objectively is very difficult.”

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