Petra Troblová


Petra has been working at Aimtec since 2008, lead the marketing department for ten years. She was in charge of raising the company's awareness in the eyes of customers and the general public. She was at the launch of the new corporate identity and pillars, acted as editor-in-chief of AIMagazine. Currently, she specializes in digital marketing.

Regarding the digital transformation, she says: "If I focus on this area from a marketing perspective, big changes are happening now. As the entire business changes, B2B marketing moves into the virtual environment, too. One of the undeniable advantages of digital marketing is that it is possible to quantify, evaluate and report detailed results to management."

Digitalisation brings new perspectives on manufacturing efficiency

A register of scrap and manufactured units, operator and machine downtime tracking… approaches like…

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Digitalisation platforms – an inexhaustible tool for manufacturing optimisation

Have you ever had the feeling that your manufacturing can’t be optimised any further, and you’ve…

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With DCIx7, the dream of a digitalisation platform running in the cloud becomes a reality

The User Group for Aimtec’s DCIx met up at the start of this May in Pilsen, and attendees could…

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What’s the state of Czech logistics and warehousing today? We know the current crucial trends and problems

How are logistics firms handling ever-shorter delivery periods? Do they see automation as a…

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We Live in a Time of an Accelerating Change, States Milan Zelený

Were you unable to attend September’s Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) conference? Or…

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New I4.0 Technologies Must Be Adaptable into the Industrial Environment

The WITTE Automotive company ranks among global technological leaders. The production plant in…

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František Finger, TRCZ: We Implemented WMS Mainly for Traceability

The TRCZ company is a daughter company of the Tokai Rika company, Japan. The company manufactures…

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Magna: Transfer of Production Planning Experience from the Czech Plant to Germany

Magna is a leader in the automotive industry for the production and supply of components. Every…

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The TAL Conference Has Attracted Well‑Known Experts

The Trends in Automotive Logistics conference (TAL) took place on June 9th, 2016.…

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Twenty Years, and We Are Amused More and More

This year, the Aimtec company is celebrating even twenty years since the foundation. It was one of…

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Interview with Tomáš Pivovarník, Amphenol‑Tuchel Electronics

The SappyMES implementation project upon agreed time and financial conditions. Czech branch of the…

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Asprova Opened Our Eyes. Thanks to It We Were Able to Reduce Our Stock by 50%

The Futaba Czech company started an implementation of the Asprova system for advanced planning and…

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