Rostislav Schwob


Warehouse Automation: The Technologies

Many automation projects start with the idea of replacing manually driven vehicles with automated…

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How to Approach Logistics Automation

Automation. It’s so tightly tied to industrial manufacturing that just about everyone thinks of…

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Sequencing Is the Trend for Today. What about Tomorrow?

Each new car model brings an increase in the number of suppliers and parts swept up in …

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The Specifics of Delivering for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

A new JLR plant is being constructed in Slovakia. This is one of the largest foreign investments in…

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Sonar Logistics Concept: Revolution in Management of Supplier Chain

Digitization, digitization, digitization. We can hear it from all directions. Almost every company…

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EDI without EDI in Days of Industrial Revolution 4.0

With each new project and customer, always the same questions come to play even today. What new…

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The Data War Has Been Declared, Production Including

The avalanche of terms from the world includes Industry 4.0, Advanced manufacturing, Smart factory,…

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Vertical Lift Storage: When the Component Comes to the Operator

Navigation of the warehouse operator using light indication. World’s gone mad, what was enough…

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