Tereza Drahoňovská


Tereza works in Aimtec as a communication specialist. She has been working in the field of marketing since the beginning of her career, which has always been about internal as well as external corporate media. In her work, she draws mainly from the study of journalism and media at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. She is interested in the principles of gamification and if you want to excite her, ask about comics!

The Five Things You Need for Successfully Launching Your Production and Logistics Automation Project

The automation of logistics and manufacturing is steaming ahead. This trend has been helped along…

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The three most common mistakes when choosing a WMS

A Warehouse Management System is capable of controlling processes throughout the whole warehouse,…

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DCIx 7: The Future Is in the Cloud

The 2020 DCIx User Group on 10 September 2020 introduced this application’s latest version: DCIx 7.…

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Three real‑world examples of how to configure the system for controlling logistics and production

Today, when the demands on businesses and how they work are changing nearly non-stop, it is…

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When transformation is not a trend, but a necessity

An automobile comprises about 20,000 parts. Some components are so unique you could count their…

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It Won’t Work without Robots: How to Accommodate the Extreme Personalisation of Manufacturing

Autonomous robots are gradually becoming common “employees” at manufacturing and logistics…

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Petr Eret on Remote Delivery: It’s More a Mental Change Than a Technological One

Delivering software solutions entirely remotely? Completion of projects without the need to visit…

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