From the internet of people to the internet of things

Before machines were first connected via wires or airwaves, they were connected by people. People were a sort of phase-zero Internet of things (IoT), ensuring machines were connected and weren’t overheated. If a machine was near…

Before machines were first connected via wires or airwaves, they were connected by people. People…

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Your signal’s flight has been delayed

Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology lets you localise objects with up to 30-cm precision, and for…

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Augmented reality – from ice cream to the production line

According to a study by the University of Washington, a full 65% of children have one or…

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We’ve got to be curious!

Paul Norford was one of the main speakers at TAL 2018, where he enchanted us all with his energy…

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Get the most out of LBS

GPS systems can’t see indoors. But LBS technology can! And so it practically begs to be…

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Distance matters. Which technology sees what you need?

Understanding what’s stored in your warehouse and by your lines is useful, to say the least. But…

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Sonar Logistics Concept: Revolution in management of supplier chain

Digitization, digitization, digitization. We can hear it from all directions. Almost every company…

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Industry 4.0, time for a change – and the Czech Republic is sleeping

Whether we call the Industry 4.0 a revolution or evolution, obviously it is an unrepeatable…

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Widely accepted myths and the new reality

Similarly to every new technology, the augmented reality is connected with numerous myths and…

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Making the yard work like clockwork

A lack of gates. Delays caused by traffic accidents. Unknown trucks in the yard. These are just a…

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