Automatic Monitoring - Cloud Systems Outages Prevention

Marek Šabatka Aimtec
19. 6. 2019 | 2 minutes reading

Cloud services don’t just mean moving a server off-site. Using them also gives you many services in the background that would otherwise burden your internal team. You don’t just save money – in many cases you won’t even have to know there was a hiccup.

Traditional IT infrastructure operations are one example. With cloud services, you leave all backup, archival, configuration and hardware maintenance processes to their supplier (or the data centre operator).

The second area that the cloud simplifies for you is resolving incidents, for example the inability to scan a code. With an on-premise solution, the warehouse worker must escalate to their superiors. This escalation may continue on through up to five people at the customer and the software supplier. This takes a lot of time, causing unpleasant delays. - automatic monitoring -  automatic monitoring

With cloud solutions, including, it’s precisely the opposite. The end users often needn’t even know that the system was improved. Thanks to automatic monitoring and preventive maintenance, the service’s operator knows in advance where a problem can occur and proactively resolves it even before it occurs. Thus with guaranteed 99.95% uptime, you gain a reliable system in which you often won’t even have to know of an incident, because it’s all resolved before you learn of it.

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