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Novasport, the global manufacturer of LEKI brand poles – used for trekking, Nordic walking and downhill and cross-country skiing – also relies on an Aimtec solution.

At its plant in Tachov, Czech Republic, which is the brand’s only manufacturing plant, we’ve implemented an advanced planning and scheduling solution that factors in all capacity constraints, including screen printing. The solution also includes a system for collecting data from the production hall, directly connected to Novasport's machines, and for controlling their central warehouse; it offers precise, up-to-date planning data. We've also integrated suppliers into Novasport's IS using a WebEDI solution.

Realisierte Projekte

NOVASPORT spol. s r.o.

Implementing a DCIxWMS system for managing the central warehouse

Implementing the DCIxPortal systeem for communicating with suppliers

Implementing Asprova

Monitoring load at bottlenecks and collecting planning data

Support for key users

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