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APQP and Supplier Management

To develop new products and successfully manage suppliers, you need to interconnect processes and effectively handle reporting and your status update system. You need to maintain a register of measures for individual deviations, check those measures’ effectiveness, and collect statistical data so that you can predict defects.

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Our implementations are based on building blocks, so we can interconnect phases in several steps. We first verify the logistical processes connected with receipt of materials and with creating supplier complaints. We suggest ways to supplement or define processes so as to enable evaluations if needed. We implement supplier quality and logistics evaluations. We prepare Pareto diagrams for PPM evaluations. Our supplier evaluations are reflected in ABC analysis, and we know how to create and manage measures for suppliers with deviations. We create certificates in SAP. We implement the automatic generation of requalification protocols in predefined cycles. We expand quality-report functionality to make it reflect the customer’s approval process and change procedure. We furnish reports with parameters that will manage the status of the approved production part approval process and the change procedure. The approval process will also control all information and blocking notices during the incoming inspection of materials. We interconnect the procedures for APQP measures with FMEA processing and the management and control plan.

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A comprehensive and automated tool for supplier evaluations

Our supplier evaluations are, in short, a construction set. We can rearrange them to meet your needs. We can even record non-measurable criteria.  We can also expand this tool to make it manage supplier capability. We can effectively integrate ABC and FMEA analyses. Our system can plan supplier requalification, generate requalification protocols and enable their evaluation.

PPAP Integration

Approval processes are easy to find; they are documented by the system. The sampling process is done as a workflow with the ability to monitor approval states.  We integrate the approval process with change procedures.

Integrating the approval process and input checks

The approval process stage directly manages incoming quality, or rather how materials are accepted. During the incoming inspection, you are shown approval status information automatically. Incoming materials can be blocked if the approval process or change procedure is not completed.

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