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Make planning simple. Make it lean. Asprova is a system for advanced production planning with an option of production plan optimization (APS).

The APS system creates a precise work queue and respects all available production restrictions. You can respond to unexpected situations in a flexible manner and improve thus your supplier reliability.

What Asprova can do

Clarity and standardization

We gather important production data for planning and keep them in a single place. We bring up-to-date and exact information about production efficiency and restrictions that is a base for elimination of wasting in production. We help to take correct and quick decisions in real time by supporting What If analysis and simulation of changes in production plan.

Standardization of planning process

Asprova serves for automation of routine operations, so that a planner can take care of other irreplaceable activities. According to our reference we will save as much as 60% of the planner’s time. Standardizing the planning procedure means an option to be able to substitute a planner without extra costs for training of a new worker.

Fast synchronization of production

Synchronization of production supports decreasing WIP and overall production time. Elimination of stock and higher reliability of deliveries will occur. Thanks to the computation architecture - “in memory computing” - you receive an instant possibility to respond to the production status in real time. Synchronization and detailed fine tuning may be done several times a day.

Easy integration with other systems

Connect to data easily, which are available within multiple sources. We ensure fast and easy connectivity with all other information systems. Thanks to this feature we can integrate the system into an existing environment of your company more easily.

Properties and features

  • Work queue
    We create a logical sequence of tasks for individual workplaces according to priorities. We respect given restrictions and available capacities (machines, workers, material, tools), succession of production operations.

  • Lean production principle
    We support the method of lean manufacturing (JIT, KANBAN, or levelling) and TPS (Toyota Production System).

  • All production types
    You plan everything from one-piece-production or serial production to project related activities.

  • Simple reporting
    Compare current production status with plan quickly and create what-if analyses.

  • Easy and fast data analysis
    Create check reports of incorrect production data within a graphics mode.

  • Modification according to planning parameters
    Modification according to planning parameters.

  • Supply Chain planning
    Plan more locations within a single integrated model. Central scheduler has up-to-date information about statuses of other plants.

  • Parallel Planning

    Make planning easier through shared work on a single model that is updated for all users after approval by the central planner.

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