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If you are struggling with a lack of quality staff, automation can be your ideal solution. We’re now in an age where your work can be assigned to robots and automated machines. Using our system, we will connect them to other machines, tools, conveyors, automated vehicles, and automated warehouses, and create a fully automated operation for you.

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We will design your entire process control for automated technology such as machines, tools, stackers, carts, conveyors, and vertical lift storage systems, operating unattended or in interactive mode with a human operator. The system automatically handles the entire operation on its own, from the control, monitoring, and display of the current status right through to communication with the operator.

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A smart assistant: Shop Floor Process Builder

With our configurator, we can set up the automated control of technology, no matter how complex it logic. Whatever we can flowchart, we can set up. Endless combinations are available for your enterprise. Together we will find the best one, and you will receive an automated process that your team will be able to control and develop.

We can connect anything

We can connect to your modern machines via their standardized API interface. We can communicate with your older machines directly using their electrical signals or via external sensors and transducers.

Interconnecting combined workstations

We create solutions for both automated workstations and operator-run workstations. Naturally we can link fully automated and semi-automated, as well as manually operated workstations.

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