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We help industry become digital. We bring top-rate consulting expertise in manufacturing and logistics and a unique approach to implementing the software solutions themselves.

We are here

For over twenty years, we have been specialised in digitising manufacturing and logistics. Over those years, we have learned to listen to the real needs of people from the factory floor, hammer out projects with management on the strategic level, and implement them truly quickly and to your benefit.

We’re thinking nonstop about how to do it better, smarter, and more skilfully.

We are global

We’re global—for you. We work for customers worldwide, in a variety of cultures and with a variety of management approaches. We work together with them to introduce solutions and technical innovations, and closely watch how these impact real-world business. We then select the very best and immediately apply them in our products and services.

Digital Factory

We are here to help production and logistics companies keep up with the tempo of future changes. We bring them a digital advantage. The advantage of a digitised factory that can rapidly react to changes. We’re here to guide you through this change shock-free.

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Digital Delivery

We already execute projects in less time than is typical on the market. Your deadline is our priority, and we subordinate every aspect of our projects to it. This approach works. And what’s more, we’ve reached the conviction that with new digital technologies and approaches, we can reach a standard implementation time that is about 1/3 of its current length.

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Guides to the professionals

Our experts serve as guides to the professionals in the complicated process of digitising manufacturing. Together we face up to the problems – which we never treat as unsolvable, because there is always a way. Our global success is built on our abilities to listen, learn and discover creative solutions

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We see a world in which managers are able to lead their firms into the digital future almost singlehandedly thanks to our superb expertise and innovative software solutions.

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