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Complaint Management

Complaint reports are among the many outputs from your company’s logistical processes. They place heavy demands on communications among your financial, controlling, logistics and management departments, because they often arise separately from other processes. It’s not rare to miss some of the interconnections between individual defect reports from production, input and the customer.

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Above all, our solutions enhance each defect report with a wide range of control elements. These then launch subsequent logistics processes such as returned deliveries, credit note requests, classification orders and cost accounting at a collector. Using follow-up features, we create reports, including transferral of relevant data, and interconnect relevant documents with the defect report. We supplement the defect report with images, which it can display in other documents such as the inspection procedure. The result is a system of interconnected events and notices that you can process without needing to look up other documents such as accounting documents.

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Interconnected reports

Each defect report sequence is processed in the form of a workflow, no matter whether it is an internal, customer or supplier claim. Every department has the possibility to decide with authority and contribute through its steps to the handling of the claim.

Supplemented with images

Images can be added to reports and are displayed within them. Yet meanwhile, they are stored separately, outside the system database. You can use them for checkup guides, visualizing defects or checkup procedures.

Cost register

A reference report can quickly be assigned, and costs can be accounted, for any activity at all within the other areas of logistics, controlling or financial accounting, without needless guessing and searching. This prevents not only costs for classifying, reworking and repairs, but also personnel costs for on-site repairs, fines, fees, etc.

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