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Integrate chain of suppliers and customers entirely.

DCIx is a product from the MOM category (Manufacturing operations management) that integrates the entire chain of suppliers and customers, and provides precise and instant digital picture. It facilitates coordination and business cooperation with customers, suppliers, and partners.

What DCIx can do

Complex solution for logistics and production management

DCIx offers management of internal logistical processes (WMS), management and collection of production data (MES), quality management (QMS), management of shipments Just In Time and Just In Sequence (JIT/JIS), operational planning and production organization (PPS), portal cooperation of customers with suppliers in a form of electronic communication (Portal), control of trucks loading and unloading using a graphical scheduling board (YMS), or automatic control of handling units movements, and employing technologies for automation of warehouse processes (MFC).

Integrable with other information systems and HW devices

DCIx provides standard interface for integration with various types of information systems (ERP, APS, EDI, attendance, and transport systems). The interface for technological equipment includes automatic filing and storage systems, conveyors, automated handling equipment, curtains, sorters, automated trucks, Pick by Light, Pick by Voice technologies, scanners and scales.

Preset solution for production and distribution companies

In DCIx there are preset processes for individual branches, based on best-practices in the given industrial area. Aimtec takes advantage of its longer than 20-year experience, particularly in automotive and plastic moulding industry, mechanical engineering, distribution, and logistic companies.

Properties and features

  • Digital picture of company
    Instant and online information for all levels of decision making.

  • Process management
    Checking correct execution of logistic and production processes.

  • Self regulation
    Automatic responses of production facilities to changes in production environment.

  • Visualization
    All information is available in a clear graphical form, in the place where it is needed.

  • Prediction
    Prediction and avoiding unexpected situation based on analysis of trends.

  • Automated maintenance
    Automatic maintenance scheduling preventing unexpected production failures.

  • Smart extension
    Additions of those features to information systems, which are not supported originally, or which exist in a limited or clumsy form only.

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