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Utilize technologies for process automation in warehouses. Let material come to people, not people for material.

DCIxMFC is an intelligent interface between the control WMS and automated warehouse technologies, which are automatic warehouses, stackers, and conveyors. Connection and integration with devices takes place using modern and sophisticated IT tools.

What DCIxMFC can do

Configurability of processes and integration of technologies

DCIxMFC includes a configurator that allows you to set various technological processes (DCIx transactions) and to integrate diversified processing equipment without programming. Unique approach to the setup of processes allows for the DCIxMFC configurability using building blocks, representing indivisible activity or operation (e.g. scan, enter, compare value with limit, send container to a specific place).

Support of technologies

DCIxMFC integrates systems and devices like warehouse and circulating systems, conveyors, forks and intersections, sorters, automatic warehouse systems, semi-automatic stackers and AGV carts, label applicators, electronic scales and packing machines, Pick by Light, Pick by Voice, RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy Tag, or communication interface for OPC UA, IO convertors, DCIxMFC Web Services.

Controlling automated processes in logistics

DCIxMFC takes care of all automated processes ranging from delivery of handling unit to a requested warehouse position at putting into warehouse and picking, reorganizing and optimization of warehouse stock layout, blocking position or warehouse stock, stock availability in case of technology drop-outs, definition and management of AGV carts routes, wave picking, goods sorting, weigh and dimensions checks before putting into warehouse, packaging of handling units, foil winding and label application, optimization of work queues for individual automated workplaces, completeness checks, to package finishing.

Features and functions

  • Visualization of a warehouse map and occupancy of warehouse positions.

  • Light signalling of current state of facilities and support of putting into warehouse and picking.
  • Escalation of error events.
  • Status of evaluation for the state of requirements fulfilment.
  • Reorganization and optimization of warehouse stock layout (ABC, XYZ, compatibility of products, etc.).
  • Optimization of work queues for individual automated workplaces.
  • Check of weight and dimensions before putting into warehouse.
  • Check of completeness after package finishing.
  • Definition and management of AGV carts routes.

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