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Respond to unexpected changes flexibly and quickly.

DCIxPPS is a graphical scheduling board showing production orders allocated in time to individual production machines, lines, and working places.

What DCIxPPS can do

Graphical view of work orders

 Import and manually create work orders in the graphical scheduling board that displays assignment of individual orders in time to specific workplaces. You will clearly see capacity overloads of individual resources, so that you can quickly modify the production plan.

Comparing plan with reality

Your managers have instant overview of differences between the plan and its real execution based on online data collection from workers, machines, and production lines.

Quick changes to scheduled orders

Using the “Drag and Drop” method, when you take the estimated finishing time of individual orders and view the differences between plan and reality, you can quickly change assignments of individual orders and simulate the future production plan.

Properties and features

  • Plan optimization within one resource.

  • Checking scheduled orders past their deadline.
  • Estimated finishing time of orders based on current conditions in production.
  • Chaining the orders.
  • Linearizace – Linearization - We eliminate gaps in plan.
  • Definition of production calendar for each machine - Schedule non-productive times and maintenance times.

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