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e-Kanban & Milkrun

You want to eliminate risks in deliveries from your suppliers, and you face the challenge of halving your buffers in material or component stocks. You want to use the space freed up in your warehouse for your expanding production. We’ll convince you that goals are realistic.

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We’ll interconnect you with your suppliers, without a need for daily phone calls and status checks. With e-Kanban, you’ll shorten your order cycles and halve your pre-production stocks. Each act of parts consumption in manufacturing will automatically be reflected at your supplier as an order.  Pick Milkrun routes right and you can shorten your cycles for shipping in goods, without raising costs.

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What makes Aimtec better

Management via current consumption

This system generates Kanban signals via the scanning of consumed manipulation units right in production or in the pre-production supermarket.

The speed of e-Kanban

You’ll save time thanks to the real-time electronic transmission of kanban signals. Through it, we cut your whole kanban cycle in half.

Error-free documents

Your suppliers will print labels and output documents right from the system, using your data. Because of this, they’ll always be 100% correct, and your receipt will then be easy.

Single-scan receipt

Based on your suppliers’ reliability, you decide whether to check and scan every packet or crate, or record receipt by scanning a single bar code with a delivery note number.

Tangible benefits

You’ll reduce material and component stocks. You’ll free up warehouse space for production. You’ll eliminate waste (muda). You’ll save the capacities of your warehouse manipulation staff and time spent adding internal labels.

Advantages and benefits

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