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EDI & WebEDI with Suppliers

You need to be able to exchange data with your partners electronically, as the supply chain is gradually going digital. EDI is the standard for exchanging call-offs, ASNs and invoices. Also supported is the printing of labels or accompanying documents. All in a classical version or as WebEDI.

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We offer both standard EDI and WebEDI solutions, because not all partners are able to communicate via classical EDI. Our multilingual portal accelerates and digitizes communication between you and your suppliers, while allowing you to print custom labels and documents. The very favourable price for this solution will surprise you.

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A robust and proven solution

We will help you with supply chain digitization. Choose our on-premises EDI solution or a WebEDI cloud-based solution.

Lean processes: Milk-run and e-Kanban

If you already have advanced EDI, we can still improve it by implementing processes such as Milk-run, Pick-up sheet or e-Kanban.

Printing customer documents in WebEDI

We also have solutions ready for the case where your suppliers cannot communicate via classic EDI. The WebEDI Portal will provide EDI communication and enable such suppliers to print your labels.

Roll-out management

Are you planning to digitize processes with dozens of your suppliers? We can help you with documentation, communication, fine-tuning and rolling out EDI communication, and WebEDI onboarding.

ERP integration

With our expertise, we can provide integration into every ERP system. We will give you advice on how to work with call-offs, how to pack goods for proper ASN generation and much more.

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