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ESB-based Integration

You may have the thought that point-to-point integrations are a quick and cheap solution when you need to connect two on-premises systems. But in the long term, a solution like this suits you poorly. Chaos gradually grows in your integrations; they become unnavigable and thus unsustainable. ESB solutions enable you to avoid these problems.

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With an ESB, we can interconnect and integrate on-premises systems, SOA solutions and cloud services (SaaS). We also interconnect all equipment, applications, and link-ups to customers, partners and suppliers. We harness the strength of existing systems without violating their integrity. We obtain valuable data from your entire application environment and make it available to other systems and applications throughout your company. We deploy elements of repeatability so that your integration takes less time and money.

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An ESB provides access to key systems as services and creates a standardised architecture. Thanks to standardisation, you can use your data and systems controllably and repeatedly throughout your company. That simplifies the administration of your key systems overall.


Standard centralized solutions need not be the best path for everyone. Certain lines of business can demand autonomous solutions that better correspond to their specifics. We can satisfy these needs thanks to the implementation of ESB tools as micro-services.


We do integration right, and that triples our delivery speed for readied projects within your company. We deploy systems and applications on average twice as fact as point-to-point solutions. As a result, we increase your company’s productivity by 20 – 250%.

Data access security and administration

Your ESB will contain security elements such as access management, data encryption, digital signatures and throttling. Your end-user systems and data are thus protected from attacks and misuse.  By forcing rules via policies prepared in advance, we help to keep your security audits problem-free.

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