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Message Monitoring & Validation

To avoid defect charges and logistical claims, you need to send your partners error-free reports. Logistic processes are going digital. For you, that means stronger demands on message contents and for a 100% delivery rate.

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Our monitoring and validation tools will ensure that your reports will be delivered successfully and error-free at a given validation level. We are notified if an error occurs, and we proactively handle any problems with both you and your partners. The ASN validator means appreciable savings for you.

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Validation of every single message

100% of the messages accepted from you and your partners are monitored, and all the messages that go through our conversions are automatically validated. That means: no defect charges for you!

Constant growth and development

We’re constantly improving our validation and monitoring tools. New incident types are a key input for our development, so we can prevent logistical claims for you.

Multiple Validation Levels

We automatically validate all messages at a basic level. When you need more detailed validation levels, we define them for you, or alongside you.

When trouble comes, we’re proactive

When an error occurs, we wait for nothing. We identify and eliminate the cause immediately. We’re prepared to communicate solutions to your customer for you.

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