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Metal processing is among the most complex fields within repetitive manufacturing in terms of planning and record-keeping. This is due to its many specifics – splitting, burning, pressing, welding, the paint room, assembly, and also casting, finishing, heat treatment, precise machining, etc. Manufacturing is usually multi-stage, with a wide range of products traversing shared sites. Many of them are bottlenecks that influence the overall production throughput. You cannot optimize adjustment times down to zero, and so you have to deal with accumulation of orders and dynamic batch optimization. Customers keep demanding more flexibility and a wider selection of parts, and you have to reduce costs every year.

The Digital Factory from Aimtec will help you to meet all these demands successfully.

The Aimtec Solution

We offer the possibility of EDI communication with partners and management and marking of deliveries based on customer specifications. We support advanced production planning. We take into account every restriction, including the capacity of your machines, presses, molds or adjusters. We enable detailed allocation of the workers on a shift.  We deploy tools for lean internal logistics (e-Kanban and Milkrun) and for complete production process management and full-fledged quality management. We offer a precise overview of WIP stocks. We provide on-line monitoring of machines such as presses, welding robots and machining centres. We provide visualizations for their current state of production, including machine tuning parameters and the statuses of individual moulds. We digitize your internal logistics from receipt all the way to shipping, including a product genealogy. We arrange for integration of all your machines, manufacturing equipment and systems into the IoT.

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