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Pick by Light

Follow the light. Supporting intuitive picking.

The Pick by Light technology means placing a light indicator to each position and switching it on with an exact amount to be picked. Confirmation is done either by key pressing, or in an automatic way by hands detection or weighing difference at the given position.

What Pick by Light can do


Free hands allow warehouse operator to manipulate goods easily and support correct body position without its overloading.

Decreasing error rate

Picking is intuitive, so the risk of errors is diminished.


We ensure picking confirmation, e.g. by automatic weighing or sensors for hand detection.

Properties and features

  • Integration to advanced WMS and enterprise-wide ERP systems.

  • Quick and precise picking of required amounts.

Products offered

PTF including display

PTF including display

  • Pick by Light display with lights and buttons.
  • Variants – numeric display 3/6 characters, alfanumeric display 6/12 characters.
  • SW interface Winkomm.
PTF without display

PTF without display

  • Pick by Light light only, or light with button only.
  • SW interface Winkomm.
PTF intervention sensor

PTF intervention sensor

  • Pick by Light intervention sensor with light.
  • Object detection within the sensor zone is used to confirm picking.
  • Usable for „always pick-one“ applications.

PTF controller

  • Supplies power and provides communication over serial interface
  • One 150VA controller could power up to 100 lights (upon confirmation).

PTF installation material

  • Lower profile – for lights installation, upper profile – cover.
  • Contact profile – data line inside lower profiles.
  • Cabled connections between levels.

SW Winkomm

  • SW interface, which is used for connecting lights with WMS or ERP.
  • One license required regardless of the number of lights.

Hercules SETUP utility

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