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Planning Production

For your automotive manufacturing processes, the complexity of individual components and entire units is forever growing. You have to minimize production batches and increase production flow. All this raises the demands on the precision of your production planning. But you can cover these demands if you synchronise and efficiently use all your manufacturing resources.

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Visualise individual production orders on a graphical planning table, including their allocations to time slots and production facilities. Drag and drop commands and orders generated in the basic ERP system and shift them among time slots and resources. You can optimise your production plan easily.

Production plan and planning table in SAP

You can produce a list of production orders, taking into account optimal production batches, running production times and production site capacities. You can even work with several limiting factors so as to optimise the order of individual production commands. Create a production plan in an interactive planning table with the use of a variety of strategies for setting the order of production commands. Work with a visualisation of the production plan and its current completion status, as well as with post-mortem reports.


Use this advanced tool to manage production planning in an environment with multi-level BOMs and complicated production processes spanning many production sites, as well as a number of restrictions – by tools, moulds, adjusters and other equipment. All of this works on-line and includes the option of what-if functionality.

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What makes Aimtec better

Three-R planning

The plan you prepare will be real, realistic and realizable. We ensure that your deliveries are OTIF – precisely on time, in full accord with the requested types and counts.

Flexible, stable and robust – all at once

Many of our customers plan their production and service processes (maintenance, repairs and downtime) to great success using our solutions. They are standardised, and yet take into account your plant’s individual production management conditions.

Quickly and problem-free

Planning in a constantly changing environment full of restrictions is demanding. That’s why our solutions emphasise simplicity and responsiveness.

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