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Process Control & Monitoring

Your customer demands that you precisely comply with a work process and production parameters. You have to supply tamper-proof evidence that you have maintained every process. Furthermore, management demands that you make production more and more cheap and efficient. At assembly sites, you constantly have a lot of manual labour, and it is difficult to force workers to observe work instructions. You see differences in the work efficiency of your day and night shifts.  

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We will provide you a detailed genealogy for every part. You will see what operations and sites it has passed through. You will have a bird’s-eye view of the parameters set during its production, the components it was assembled from, and which workers participated in its production.  We connect to your machines, equipment and tools. We read every important value from them and only let them produce when every requested input condition has been fulfilled. You not only meet customer requirements, but also reduce production defects and produce high-quality parts on the first go.

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What makes Aimtec better

Horizontal process integration

We integrate your remote workplaces into one unit: a virtual production line. Your operators never miss a task, and no machine runs until all previous operating steps have taken place successfully.

Configurable steps for every operation

We prepare solutions for you, where you add or remove individual operation steps precisely according to any changed process. The detail that is normally hidden inside the PLC software is under your full control.

Flawless selection of the right components

Your operators quickly and unerringly select the right component thanks to Pick by Light navigation.

Simple controls

The simplicity of the system for the everyday operator or other worker is a key trait of our solution. Your team is there to produce and create goods, not database and register entries. We believe that only simple things work perfectly.

A logical and simple environment

With the configurator, we set up every process to precisely match reality. Every site and every production hall has its specifics. We know how to secure them so that users and machines work without mistakes.

Every process under control

If your original automated site has an outage, you can easily switch to manual mode. Even during replacement production, you’ll be able to prove strict adherence to the work process.  

Advantages and benefits

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