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In quality control you are often faced with a lack of tools and solutions. This means a disjointed and complicated process and a great administrative burden. Since you are handling your statistical process control (SPC) separately in isolated systems, you cannot link it up to the relevant logistics process. You want to be able to link quality inspection assessments to whatever measures are laid down internally or by the relevant standard. You need outputs from your inspections not only for your company’s in-house processes, but also for negotiations with your partners in business.

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We take the requirements of VDA16949 and the general VDA6.1 and VDA6.2 standards as our foundation. With our solution, you can perform standard inspections (input, between operations, output and pre-shipment) as well as additional inspections such as material requalification, inspection of materials with a defined storage time, post-sorting inspection and inspection scanning when materials are moved, and can report any deviation in the manufacturing process. We can set the triggering of quality inspections based on the logistics process, or in regular cycles. With the SPC control, you can see a control chart, control limits and an analysis of inspection results with automatic generation of follow-up actions. The system handles record-keeping and the planning of calibration and associated costs for you as a part of the quality inspection.

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Automatically generated inspection requests

The system itself generates inspection requests, based on either your inspection timetable or machine performance. Each request is automatically included in the work activity schedule.

A control chart with points representing post-intervention measures

This functionality creates a control diagram with all the parameters and variables required by VDA16949. The Xquer behaviour is tracked in a series of up to fifteen consecutive measurements, and warnings are generated and measures proposed if a defined malfunction occurs.

Linking inspections with gauges

Record any inspection on your computer, tablet, or mobile barcode scanner. We will set up the solution so that you can also transfer individual measurements from external systems or individual gauges to your SAP system.

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