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DB Schenker are among the largest transport companies out there, and additionally they’re a supplier of value-added services. They offer their services for the automotive and tech industries and for business at over 2,000 branches worldwide.

At their plant in Kosmonosy, Czech Republic, DB Schenker in turn uses services supplied by Magna Exteriors (Bohemia). Magna sends products to the warehouse of DB Schenker, who then supplies them in sequence to ŠKODA AUTO.

We deployed automated electronic communication, as well as a warehouse logistics management solution that proposes various strategies for managed put-away and removal from storage and for their package register. In addition to all this, our system provides traceability for their entire information flow.

Realized projects

SCHENKER spol. s r.o.

Implementation of a system for electronic communication

Managing materials and product flows using the DCIx system

Support for key users in 16/5 mode

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