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International Automotive Components Group

International Automotive Components has been an interior-components manufacturer for over 160 years. You’ll find their plants in 14 countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

At IAC, we deployed systems for managing their warehouse, ensuring error-free communication with automakers and more. In Přeštice, Czech Republic, they primarily manufacture parts for Daimler, BMW and Škoda, while in Lozorno, Slovakia they ship e.g. to VW, JLR and Audi.

At the IAC Group – one of whose products is door panels for automotive – we deployed DCIx to manage both batch production and sequence production, collect equipment data from the lines to ensure traceability, and ensure that the lines receive the right materials in the right amounts at the right times. An easy-to-navigate graphical tool is implemented in DCIx for planning their production lines. Before door panels leave the finishing line, they are arranged in sequence based on the customer’s required delivery date, and they’re placed into the dispatching pallets in the given order.

The integration of IAC’s partners for electronic data interchange was also a very interesting project. There were 300 such partners within Slovakia alone.

Realized projects

IAC Group (Slovakia) s.r.o.

Implementing a DCIxJIT/JIS system

Implementing a DCIxWMS intralogistics management system

Implementing an EDI system for electronic communication

Support for key users

International Automotive Components Group s.r.o.

Managing JIS deliveries for Daimler

Implementation of a system for electronic communication

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