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TRCZ, a subsidiary of the Japanese company Tokai Rika, has their factory in the Czech town of Losovice. Here they manufacture components that keep vehicles safe – safety belts, multi-purpose controllers and other parts. The customers of their Czech plant include the European plants of Toyota, Suzuki, Nedcar, TPCA, Ford and Volvo.

TRCZ decided to roll out electronic data interchange with their customers. Because these customers varied widely, TRCZ needed to adapt to varying call-off requirements and needed a solution that enabled EDI communication based on varying standards. Then in their next Aimtec project, TRCZ sought to optimise their internal logistics. DCIx was chosen for managing their materials warehouse; it’s used e.g. for pallet logistics control during dispatching, and the label printing based on customer requirements that comes with it.

Realized projects

TRCZ s.r.o.

EDI communication with suppliers and customers

JIT daily deliveries complying with differing automaker concepts

Management of stock flows from receipt to production to shipping

Supplier WebEDI portal for kanban deliveries

Support for key users

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