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Many new orders and projects are only available to companies capable of tracing the origins of their goods and parts. Unfortunately, today information stored in binders is simply not enough. Your customers strictly demand a digital, tamper-proof form of evidence for the origins of parts and goods. This applies for every company across multiple sectors, no matter whether you are a manufacturer and distributor of alcohol, groceries or pharmaceuticals, or a manufacturer in the industrial equipment, automotive or aviation sectors. You seek a solution – perhaps just to meet customer demands, or perhaps to increase profits through an investment in traceability.

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Your customers will audit your traceability performance, and we know precise what you as a supplier must do to pass these audits. We prepare you for your audit perfectly. Like every project, traceability is an investment for you, and it needs to pay off via process improvements, increased productivity or savings. Our solution gives you the ability to monitor how your goods and parts flow through the supply chain, your production lines and distribution, and all the way to your customers.

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What makes Aimtec better

Your real status, digitally

The system’s digital image of the state of logistics and production corresponds to reality. Control your company and processes based on precise information.  Find invisible reserves and raise your productivity.

Easy to use

The system’s simplicity for ordinary users is a key trait of our solution.  They’re with you to produce and create – not to maintain records and databases.  We believe that only simple things work perfectly.


With the Configurator, we set up every process to precisely match reality. Because every process has its specifics. We prepare everything in a way that prevents user mistakes.

Traceability down to single serial numbers

We arrange traceability for you on the level of customer orders, production batches, lots, specific pallets, boxes... or even each product and component via their serial numbers. You can meet every customer demand.

Traceability made simple and reliable

We supply solutions that meet the demands of your customers, simplify and accelerate your work, and increase your outputs.

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