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TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM)

Exchange data with your partners quickly and efficiently. On-premise.

TSIM is an on-premise tool for electronic communication and EDI integration with enterprise systems (ERP, logistical SW etc.).

What TSIM can do

Object Browser

Interactive real-time monitor that allows and simplifies monitoring of processed EDI messages. You can perform quick searches for keywords even during typing. Display information about incoming and outgoing messages, their states and types. You can filter and search for messages according to various criteria like date and time of receipt, sending, or delivery. Download all EDI messages to your computer.

Event notification

TSIM supports generating of notifications according to status defined by user. You have control over error or information states of individual transactions and you can find them easily. In this manner, you can prevent possible fines from the side of customer. Let reminders be sent to you via e-mail or SMS and monitor the system easily without the necessity to take proactive approach. Or let the notifications be sent to AIMTEC 24/7 Support, where we provide monitoring as service.

Simple integration

TSIM is a modular SW, which swe integrate with your ERP or other systems using standardized protocols (SAP RFC, AS400, Oracle and SQL JDBC, etc.). We make connectivity possible for standard integration tools like MuleSoft, SAP HANA Cloud Integration and others. Thanks to API (Application Programming Interface) of mentioned tools you can make the data available for others and connect them with a customer solution.


Integrate suppliers into lean supply chain process via a web portal therefore enhance your competence in the EDI world. Communicate with supplier, who gets feedback to ERP directly. Process KANBAN deliveries in an automated manner, compare call-offs, confirm orders, create ASN, print labels, and keep history of orders and deliveries.

Properties and features

  • Support of many protocols
    We work with all most commonly used protocols (AS2, OFTP2, VAN, Https) and standards (VDA, EDIFACT, ANSI X12, RosettaNet), including other types.

  • Flexibility
    Do not be afraid of different source and target platforms. TSIM works as a mediator between two different systems.

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