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Zero Error Logistics

You’re battling mistakes in the logistics process, from receipt all the way to release from the warehouse. You stumble in a labyrinth of error to find goods you see on your PC that aren’t in your warehouse. A poorly configured system complicates your work at every phase. Deficiencies like these pointlessly increase your costs.   

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We eliminate errors, because our system leads your workers throughout the whole logistics process: from error-free identification of goods upon receipt, to comparison against a notice, correct designation of each manipulation package, incoming inspections, managed warehousing, gradual supplementation of production, and preparation for distribution, on through to order packaging and shipping and vehicle loading. You can see a precise, real-world digital image of your warehouse or production plant on your PC. You can rely your the records at any time, because the system ensures they are up to date.

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What makes Aimtec better

A logical, simple environment

Using the Shop Floor Process Builder Configurator, we set up every process to match reality precisely. You get a simple environment for your users, and so they do not make mistakes.

A digital doppelganger for your plant

The system’s digital image of your warehouse mirrors reality. Control your company and your processes based on precise information.  Don’t waste time on searches or checking physical statuses. We can vouch for what’s in the system. You can also use this digital image for your data analyses and as the foundation for machine learning.

Ensuring FIFO, FEFO and LIFO conditions

The system can manage and monitor to ensure your rules are both correct and correctly observed. We set up various parameters based on your individual customers’ specifications.

Error-free shipping

With our three-way output comparison, you can’t make mistakes during shipping. Your customers will be satisfied,  and that leads to success.

Simple controls

The system is simple for the average user, and that’s a key feature of our solution. You won’t waste time on complex employee trainings. We believe that only simple things can work perfectly.

Advantages and benefits

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