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Adler Czech: Unique intelligent warehouse in the Czech Republic

ADLER Czech, a.s.


  • Interconnection with a Kardex lift-shelf equipped with Pick by Light signalisation
  • Integration of the system with a roller conveyor
  • Light signalling of piece counts in the shipping department
  • Weight-based checks of dispatched goods’ correctness
  • Increasing the efficiency of logistics processes


  • Minimizing errors in the shipping department
  • Increasing warehouse throughput
  • Shipment of up to 100,000 items daily

Joint-stock company Adler Czech, a.s. is the producer of branded promotional textiles Adler. Since it entered the market in 2000, Adler became one of the fastest growing producers and importers of promotional textiles in the Czech Republic. Its customers are marketing agencies, textile printers and other producers across Europe. Adler is active on 12 European markets, with suppliers in Asia. Every second promotional T-shirt sold in the Czech Republic bears the Adler mark.

Project facts

Total project length 8 months (August 2010–March 2011)

Phase 1 Implementation of DCIxWMS
Phase 2 Integration with ERP Karat
Phase 3 Optimisation and management of warehouse technologies (automated warehouse systems, Pick by Light, conveyor including turnouts to individual work stations) Total project time consumption 150 days, 20 operators.


Project challenges and risks

Initial situation

In connection with confirming the position of a leader in the Czech Republic in the field of promotional textiles and further expansion to European countries, in June 2010 the company’s management decided to issue a call for tender to provide a comprehensive delivery of an advanced logistics system solution. The decisive impulse was the newly built warehouse of promotional textiles in Ostrava. From the onset, Adler’s vision was clearly set out and included an implementation of a new warehouse system including integration with the latest technologies.

Customer targets and requirements

Route to an intelligent warehouse started with an initial well-defined task from Adler employees. By shaping it with other members of the project team, future processes were created and requirements for suppliers found.


Adler offers over 2 300 types of promotional textiles and dispatches up to 1 000 packages with 100 000 pcs of goods. The company therefore needed the most efficient warehouse. Implementation of a Warehouse Management System with a parallel integration of all utilised technologies in a new warehouse with a total space area of 5 000 sq.m. was taken care of by AIMTEC. The proposed solution from AIMTEC convinced Adler most of all by its detailed approach and proactive communication in dealing with specific requirements and needs. In the first phase of the project, AIMTEC deployed its own solution DCIxWMS, which manages goods from receipt into the distribution warehouse all the way to dispatch to customers. Part of the delivery was also supplementing the current hardware equipment with mobile bar code readers, wifi network and printers for label printing. In the second phase, the warehouse system was integrated with the corporate information system Karat. In the third phase, DCIxWMS was linked to the latest technologies. These were automated warehouse systems Kardex, goods picking technology using light signalisation Pick By Light, and link to roll conveyor, both supplied by Logtech. The resulting solution is completely unique in the Czech Republic. Although the components used are individually operational in Czech warehouses, AIMTEC was the first to connect them all into a functional unit.

Specifics of the solution

The new warehouse is a combination of a fully automated and shelf warehouse. In the classical shelf part are operators with a mobile high lift cabin, mostly handling items with higher volu-mes. In the second part of the warehouse are automated warehouse systems where goods are prepared in optimal batches. With the usual method of storage, finding and picking those up would take a long time. At the same time, the automated stocking system saves space. Ten shelves on 70 square metres have an almost 12 times the storage area. The system can also by itself modify the height of the shelves and also weigh them so that overloading does not occur. Each box of textiles as well as each shelf in the stack has its bar code, for a continuous overview of item location. When completing an order, DCIxWMS lets the operator have everything required to be delivered to one place. When picking an order, the operator does not have to search for products or the position. Each position, apart from a bar code, is also marked with a light and a LED display. During picking this light is lit volu-me is shown on the display. The operator therefore very quickly and at first glance knows where they should pick from and how much. In completing an order, the operator recognises items by light and numbers above individual boxes. This way of picking is called Pick by Light. DCIxWMS manages individual orders and determines from where individual items will be picked up, so that they all meet with the operator and completing an order took as short a time as possible. Goods are prepared into crates, which were placed on and automatically sent by a moving roll conveyor to various replenishing stations according to how busy they are. At the end, the dispatched parcels are weighted. Final control compared real contents with information from the system. That way most dispatch errors can be eliminated and customers only find in the parcels goods they actually ordered.



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