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EDI as a Service, EDI in the Cloud

Are you using an on-premise EDI solution? Then you constantly have to ensure your software is up to date. Check licenses, and purchase new ones. Pay maintenance fees. Migrate to new versions of your conversion or communication channels. Secure nonstop availability. And much more. So much of your time goes to things that you can outsource.  

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We handle all your EDI management, with clearly defined conditions. You’ll have no worries about licenses, hardware, updates, conversions or setup. We support your growth through the flexibility, scalability and constant development and improvement of our EDI solution.

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What makes Aimtec better

The Mapping Factory

Our internal Mapping Factory department makes sure you can process every EDI message, no matter what ERP system you’re using. The same applies for your outbound messages.

A Scalable Solution

ClouEDI is a solution that grows with your needs. Expand without boundaries!

Knowledge of OEM concepts

We support you in getting your EDI up and running. We can ensure support for you when you’re negotiating with an OEM or putting their specific logistical concepts into practice.

Integration into a variety of ERPs and technologies

Our solution is flexible. We can integrate it into a number of systems, such as SAP, Infor, Helios and Byznys. We can process messages for you into any format – IDOC, XML, CSV, TXT and more.

Printing customer documents and labels

Our solution includes the printing of TSB documents and labels, other customer shipping documents, or labels based on a submitted ASN.

Advantages and benefits

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