Your signal’s flight has been delayed

Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology lets you localise objects with up to 30-cm precision, and for…

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The Czech Republic’s biggest logistics innovations of 2018

Every year, the renowned media house Economia organises Zóna logistika, a conference at which it…

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When a problem is solved before you know it

Cloud services don’t just mean moving a server off-site. Using them also gives you many services in…

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Making the yard work like clockwork

A lack of gates. Delays caused by traffic accidents. Unknown trucks in the yard. These are just a…

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Digital Factory

Warning! You are in an unauthorized zone!

Imagine a warehouse where the workers don’t have to scan shelf positions and where the forklifts…

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We have our own digital factory too

The Digital Factory doesn’t have to only mean introducing Industry 4.0 at manufacturing and…

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Not just smart manufacturing – smart planning too

A digital factory doesn’t just mean collecting data on production and logistics processes. It also…

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