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The Zebra solution is a broad portfolio of products and services for automatic identification that enables you to collect and analyse data and make decisions in real time. Aimtec is a premium Zebra partner – and thanks to this, it can bring you the right tools and maximise your utility from them.

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Where is our know-how the strongest?

Android Migrations

Android Migrations

Professionally handled migration onto Android OS – the only choice for industrial mobile devices today. Minimise costs and increase productivity by using your information system on a new platform.

Android Excellence

Android Excellence

A set of SW tools and services lets you maximise your information system’s potential, manage things simply and configure devices. Get a comprehensive overview of how every device is serving and working.

Repair & Service

Repair & Service

Our professional repair service provides the best solution at every phase of a device’s life cycle. Shorten repair times thanks to our optimised warranty and post-warranty service – which also covers all surrounding processes.

Technology has to serve people. Not vice versa. We provide you with not only the right tool, but also the right training to get the most out of it and extract a maximum of benefits from it. Focus on your business and leave the technology to us.” 

Petr Stejskal

Petr Stejskal Chief Technology Officer

Petr Stejskal

Why choose Zebra Technologies?

A rainbow of modern technologies

A rainbow of modern technologies

The main Zebra product lines include mobile terminals and tablets, barcode printers and scanners and RFID. They are supplemented by automation technologies for machine vision and real-time locating systems (RTLS) and robotics.

Smooth operation for logistics processes

Smooth operation for logistics processes

Zebra products support both standard processes such as receipt, storage and emission of goods and special processes such as stocktaking, reverse logistics, cold chain and fulfilment.

A focus on the individual user

A focus on the individual user

One key Aimtec competency is a focus on technology’s benefits for each specific user. Using a suite of tools and processes, we vastly boost the efficiency and adoption of technology among users.

A long-term partnership

Aimtec is a premium partner with a focus on delivering comprehensive solutions. Our partnership dates back to 2004, and Zebra values it strongly. We harness our expert know-how to optimise technology utilisation, with an emphasis on maximum user benefit.

A deep knowledge of SW and processes enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that factor in every requirement. 

Zebra and Aimtec partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I do an Android migration right?

Are you getting lost in a maze of technical details and endless debates over different options? Our experienced professionals will analyse your current and future needs and prepare the quickest path to Android.

We enable you to configure a device by scanning a single barcode. We offer solutions for mass management of up to thousands of devices and ensure that your operators will use permitted applications only. 

We arrange professional repairs of all your Zebra devices with the quickest possible turnaround. We provide warranty and post-warranty service – you can manage all your requests in the Aimtec Repair Portal.

Zebra product portfolio

Zebra MC9300

Zebra MC9300

  • Extreme durability  
  • Long-range reading of 1D/2D codes  
  • Android with the LifeGuard service  
Zebra MC3300

Zebra MC33XX

  • Extreme versatility  
  • Long-range reading of 1D/2D codes  
  • Android with the LifeGuard service  
Zebra MC2200

Zebra MC2200

  • Excellent ergonomics 
  • Reading of 1D and 2D codes  
  • Android with the LifeGuard service  
Zebra ZT400

Zebra ZT400

  • Our best-seller for the warehouse and manufacturing 
  • High performance and reliability; always meets requirements 
  • Wide range of accessories including RFID 
Zebra ZD400

Zebra ZD400

  • Basic model for light industry  
  • Suitable for every type of customer    
  • Wide range of accessories  
Zebra ZQ630

Zebra ZQ600 Plus

  • An affordable mobile printer 
  • Three different configurations for different printing widths 
  • Compact design 
Zebra DS3600

Zebra DS36X8

  • Extreme durability 
  • High-range reading of 1D/2D codes 
  • Cable/Bluetooth connection 
Zebra DS2208 with stand

Zebra DS22X8

  • Affordable scanning 
  • Reading of 1D and 2D codes 
  • Good for light industry 
Zebra LS2208 with stand

Zebra LS2208

  • Reading of 1D and 2D codes 
  • Cable version 
  • Good for light industry 

Zebra intelligent solutions

Zebra StageNow
The ultimate tool for configuring all your Zebra Android devices.
Zebra Enterprise Home Screen
Security for mobile terminals preventing abuse by the user 
Zebra DNA Cloud
A platform for Zebra device administration, configuration and support. 
Zebra Visibility IQ
A comprehensive overview of features and utilisations.
Zebra AMS
Software for the authorised use of Zebra devices. 
Zebra Device Tracker
Software for locating mobile devices.


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A model example


Transforming a platform for ERP

A manufacturing firm with several branches is using SAP ERP on its mobile terminals with Windows Mobile OS, for which Microsoft no longer provides support. It’s also struggling with poor utilisation of its installed based, complexities in the collection of data for its central support team and the need to increase the user-friendliness of its entire solution. It is therefore seeking a long-term partner. 


A comprehensive Zebra solution with added value

An experienced team analyses current needs and proposes the fastest and most advantageous route for migrating to Zebra devices running Android OS. It simultaneously recommends and supplies suitable tools for central support and administration of your installed base. It increases operators’ overall satisfaction through the deployment of the latest technologies, which provide a convenient user environment and maximise user-friendliness.

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