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For over a quarter of a century, we have been guiding companies in the automotive industry on the path of digital transformation. We help them to digitalise and automate production, logistics, and the supply chain into one functional unit so that their transformation is a real benefit. We enable our customers to learn and standardize, to be efficient, and at the same time, to respond flexibly to the changes they face every day.

Press Releases


The TAL 2024 Conference

How can you ride into the fast lane of the digitalisation highway and keep up with new trends in logistics while also keeping a clear head? The speakers at the 23rd Trends in Automotive Logistics conference, held in Pilsen, Czech Republic, on 18 June 2024, and organised by Aimtec in cooperation with the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, presented their recipes for achieving these goals. Attendees could hear their thoughts on digital transformation of supply chains, experience from industrial practice and tips on maintaining digital well-being.


Aimtec is changing its management – Pavel Boháč will be its new CEO

Pilsen, 18 June 2024 – Aimtec, a Pilsen-based consulting and technology firm that has been supporting manufacturing and logistics companies along the road to digital transformation since 1996, is transitioning to a new CEO. For the first time in the firm’s history, it will not be headed by either one of its two co-founders. They are entrusting Aimtec to Pavel Boháč, an experienced manager who has so far been serving as the director of the company’s division dealing with planning and work with data.


Trends in Automotive Logistics 2024: Get into the Digital Fast Lane

The Trends in Automotive Logistics Conference (TAL 2024) is coming very soon – on June 18. Its title for 2024 is Driving the Digital Fast Lane, and it will bring you the latest topics through the eyes of Czech and international speakers, inspiring presentations, and case studies from practice, as well as opportunities for networking and discussion. 

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