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Trends in Automotive Logistics 2023

Digital Factory in the automotive industry

The extreme requirements for customisation and error traceability will lead to a state where without a digital production platform, some firms will not be able to supply large manufacturer. They will not have the needed control over logistics and their material flow, nor will they know how to meet constantly changing requirements.

Customers are expecting an entirely new world – one where the physical parameters of the motor will be overcome by digital intelligence. And similarly mechanical production must also acquire its own digital brain.


25. 10. 2022

The software solution provider Aimtec is transforming its corporate structure. Its two subsidiaries, Aimtec Consulting and Aimtec Outsourcing, are...

30. 6. 2022

Continental Automotive is an interior-electronics supplier for major global automakers. Its deployment of the world’s most advanced warehouse...

12. 1. 2022

Children’s homes, doctor training and sport clubs, as well as support for seniors and planting trees. Aimtec has aid in its DNA, so it was only...

6. 10. 2021

Zebra Technologies  has awarded Aimtec with a $5,000 charitable donation, which will be contributed to an Alzheimer’s endowment. In celebration...

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