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13. 8. 2018

The automotive sector places greater demands on suppliers than almost any other sector. Individual components need to meet strict criteria for the...

7. 8. 2018

With September, new conferences and workshops are going to take place. You can meet us on few of them: we are starting in Prague, going on to...

23. 7. 2018

How can you make Pick by Light picking even more efficient, especially if multiple operators are storing or picking goods in the same zone at the...

9. 7. 2018

Are you supplying an automotive company in Just-in-Sequence mode and struggling to determine which components the OEM invoices on its own via...

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Digital Factoryin the automotive industry

The extreme requirements for customisation and error traceability will lead to a state where without a digital production platform, some firms will not be able to supply large manufacturer. They will not have the needed control over logistics and their material flow, nor will they know how to meet constantly changing requirements.

Customers are expecting an entirely new world – one where the physical parameters of the motor will be overcome by digital intelligence. And similarly mechanical production must also acquire its own digital brain.


You likely already know that Deutsche Telekom will be terminating the operation of its ISDN network as of December 31st,...
Many manufacturing firms have already been performing digitalisation activities for quite a long time now. In the past they...
In our last issue, we wrote about the digital transformation; about processes, people and changes to the business model. Now...
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