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8. 4. 2019

Aimtec, a consulting and technology company in Pilsen, Czech Republic, is introducing a new platform: This expands its portfolio of...

14. 3. 2019

On the weekend of March 8–10 2019, the fourth annual #AimtecHackathon was held at Pilsen’s Moving Station. It centred on a programming marathon in...

4. 2. 2019

Aimtec is organising what is by now its fourth #AimtecHackathon, which promises an expanded programme and international speakers and teams – as...

29. 1. 2019

At more than forty production lines of  Panasonic Automotive Systems  in Pardubice, Czech Republic, over 700 models of car radios and other...

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Digital Factory in the automotive industry

The extreme requirements for customisation and error traceability will lead to a state where without a digital production platform, some firms will not be able to supply large manufacturer. They will not have the needed control over logistics and their material flow, nor will they know how to meet constantly changing requirements.

Customers are expecting an entirely new world – one where the physical parameters of the motor will be overcome by digital intelligence. And similarly mechanical production must also acquire its own digital brain.


It’s quite likely that security is the most important factor for every kind of IT service, whether internal or external. For...
Do you think of the cloud as a new advancement? Well, did you know that you started using it far earlier than you might think?...
Imagine a warehouse where the workers don’t have to scan shelf positions and where the forklifts automatically avoid...
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