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Digital Factory

In the near future, all suppliers will face extreme demands on flexibility, costs, quality and their ability to deliver customised solutions. This trend is leading to a state where only companies with a digital manufacturing platform will acquire new projects and accelerate innovation cycles.

Here’s how we do it.

We’re here to help production and logistics companies keep up with the pace of future changes. We bring you a digital advantage. Your digitised factory will then react to every change lightning-fast.

“Market requirements are changing, and the Digital Factory is our answer to the Industry 4.0 trend. We look at digitisation as more than technical innovation – it’s an opportunity to revolutionise your business model. A digital transformation reshapes the foundations of production management and logistics, bringing benefits on the order of tens of percent."

says Aimtec’s founder Roman Žák.

4 Steps to your Digital Factory

  • Stage 1: A real-time digital image of your Digital Factory

    First we determine everything that happens in your production and logistics. We collect detailed information on materials, works in progress, products, operators, machines, tools and the conditions in which each piece is made. We acquire data by connecting directly to each machine using an RFID or bar code reader, an intelligent sensor or mobile devices and touch terminals. We obtain a digital image of your factory in real time from the visualization of this data.

  • Stage 2: Horizontal integration

    We define rules that completely control your production and operation processes. We take the data that we collected in real time and use it for process management. Each machine evaluates the correctness and conformity of incoming material or works in progress on its own. It monitors all needed input data and parameters and decides whether or not to let the processed product through. It checks the correctness of executed process. We prevent human error. Through this process, we horizontally integrate all your activities, from receipt to production on through to shipping.

  • Stage 3: Data analysis and vertical integration
    Working from digital data, we prepare outputs that will help your production and logistics managers identify bottlenecks, sources of inefficiency and unwanted process alternations. Analyses and visualizations serve you for optimising your processes and increasing their overall flexibility. An understandable and intuitive graphical data presentation serves here as a key support.
  • Stage 4: Self-managing production and logistics
    In this phase each machine learns, decides and optimises for itself. It configures and chooses the best possible workflows. Your machines and systems use big data, machine learning and optimised mechanisms. And at this phase, almost no-one works in positions that an intelligent machine can cover. This significantly reduces error rates. Your employees use their skills in areas where you need a greater degree of autonomy and flexibility for reacting to unexpected situations.

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