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Get deep control over your lines
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The Aimtec DCIx digitalisation platform is an intelligent layer linking your ERP system with the machines and processes on the shop floor. It interconnects your logistics, production, quality, shipping, automation technologies, machines and people. This horizontal and vertical integration lets you see your whole firm’s operations in an instant.


How will Aimtec DCIx help you?



Aimtec DCIx vertically interconnects information systems (ERP and APS) with the machines, people and processes at every work centre and horizontally links everything from receipt to line management to shipping (MOM).


Besides managing internal logistics processes (WMS), it offers comprehensive management for the automation technologies (e.g. ASRS, AutoStore, AGVs, AMRs and robots) in your warehouses (MFC).


Aimtec DCIx connects machines and collects data from production (MES), quality management (QMS), maintenance (MMS) and operational production planning and scheduling (PPS).


Aimtec DCIx shipping management fulfils every automaker’s standards in Just in Time (JIT) and Just in Sequence (JIS) modes, and its YMS provides graphical planning tables for loading and unloading.


You gain on-line visualisations at work centres and in the hall, analytical reporting of data for evaluation, trend monitoring and optimisations. Data can be shown in tables, graphs and 2D and 3D visualisations.

Why Aimtec DCIx?

A digital image of reality

A digital image of reality

Instant on-line information is available for every phase of decision-making. Aimtec DCIx lets you share information throughout the chain from the supplier to you to the customer. 

Speed and flexibility

Speed and flexibility

Aimtec DCIx enhances ERP systems with features that increase solution flexibility and deployment speed. This solution is ready for use in individual sectors (automotive, plastics, engineering). 

Nonstop operations

Nonstop operations

Predictive and self-repairing processes and technologies enable this system to run nonstop.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why centralise your control over machines, people and processes?
The machines at your plant may vary greatly in their ages and sourcing. So you maximise efficiency when you join them into one functional whole.
Your lines fall silent if logistics doesn’t feed the needed materials or your maintenance or quality people aren’t on time. Interconnecting every area eliminates downtimes and reserves.
Adjust and reconfigure your system in-house. You can save your consultations for major changes only.

“A digitalisation platform works as a tool for constant development. You control your company, machines, technologies and people based on precise data in real time. This gives the flexibility, speed, and capability you need to respond with agility and without delay.”

Rostislav Schwob

Rostislav Schwob Supply Chain Solutions Director

Rostislav Schwob


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What else do you get with Aimtec DCIx?

Your production facilities respond to changes in conditions automatically.
Process management
You get a firm grip on logistics and manufacturing processes. 
Trend analysis stops unexpected situations in advance. 
The Process Builder offers an extensive process library. 
Cloud-native design
Aimtec DCIx was developed specifically for the cloud.
You get integration and control of the technologies on the market. 

The smart integration with Aimtec DCIx will convince you

The Aimtec DCIx digitalisation platform is a smart layer linking your ERP with manufacturing machines and processes. It interconnects your logistics, production, quality, shipping, automation technologies, machines and people. This horizontal and vertical integration gives users an instant overview of their whole firm’s operations.

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Case study

A sequencing solution and traceability for a global automotive supplier

Traceability for safety-critical parts with a level of detail down to serial numbers and monitoring and managing all manufacturing operations and processes along with sequencing checks – these were this project’s primary goals. 

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