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If you are an automotive supplier who’s constantly launching new projects, then you know that every car manufacturer has their own specifics. At the same time, you also know that everything is changing and accelerating – the cycle for new product launches is shortening, while products are growing more complex and variable. Also, the amount of electronics and software in cars is increasing the risk of recalls. And meanwhile, you have to deal with two painful facts: the accuracy of sales forecasts is falling, and manufacturers are pushing prices down to the lowest possible levels.

Our response to these challenges is the Digital Factory.

The Aimtec  solution

Our solution enables EDI communication with partners and management and the labelling of supplies according to the OEM’s specifications. It supports advanced manufacturing planning and takes into account every constraint. It provides tools for lean internal logistics such as E-Heijunka, E-Kanban and Milkrun, and for complete management of the manufacturing process and quality assurance. It ensures full traceability from receipt to shipping, including product genealogy, and the linking of your machines, production technology, and systems to the IoT.

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Digital Factory in the automotive industry

The extreme requirements for customisation and error traceability will lead to a state where without a digital production platform, some firms will not be able to supply large manufacturer. They will not have the needed control over logistics and their material flow, nor will they know how to meet constantly changing requirements.

Customers are expecting an entirely new world – one where the physical parameters of the motor will be overcome by digital intelligence. And similarly mechanical production must also acquire its own digital brain.


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