Digital Factory

Real‑Time Location System: Your Bodyguard

Imagine a warehouse where the workers don’t have to scan shelf positions and where the forklifts…

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Mapping Factory ‑ Developing EDI Conversions

The Digital Factory doesn’t have to only mean introducing Industry 4.0 at manufacturing and…

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Not Just Smart Manufacturing – Smart Planning Too

A digital factory doesn’t just mean collecting data on production and logistics processes. It also…

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Lean Manufacturing Principles Applied to a Packaging Line

Not many companies in our country have withstood its fundamental societal changes over the last 100…

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ERP: The Cornerstone of Every Digital Factory

It’s not just corporate IT managers who lose sleep over Industry 4.0. Members of companies’ top…

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The First Step on the Road to Industry 4.0 at Daiho

The individual steps in digitalising your enterprise may seem demanding. And they do demand long…

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The Digital Factory as MuleSoft sees it

How do you automate an entire factory? You need just three technologies: an API, the IoT and…

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Digitalisation Is All about People

In manufacturing and logistics companies, digitalisation keeps on making work easier and letting…

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4 Development Phases Towards Digital Factory

Many manufacturing companies have already been performing digitalisation activities for quite a…

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Monitor Warehouse Staff Routes and Localise Objects in Real Time

Where on Earth is Petr with that forklift? Where have you put that blasted pallet with the parts…

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Automation and HW Technologies in Logistics. a Visible Part of Digital Transformation

In our last issue, we wrote about the digital transformation; about processes, people and changes…

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Sequencing Is the Trend for Today. What about Tomorrow?

Each new car model brings an increase in the number of suppliers and parts swept up in …

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We Live in a Time of an Accelerating Change, States Milan Zelený

Were you unable to attend September’s Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) conference? Or…

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Future of Planning from the Perspective of Industry 4.0

With respect to the implementation of information systems, production companies can currently be…

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Be Digital. Faster.

Czech economy, in its large portion, is oriented to the German market, and in the last year, the…

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