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Audit management

You’re constantly handling a wide range of audits—from supplier, internal and manufacturer audits to environmental, safety and customer audits. Their sheer numbers are a huge burden, in the form of a large work agenda and tasks connected with it such as keeping records of audit issues, assessing them and then handling any findings, keeping records of findings, and evaluating and renewing the validity of the measures you accept. Besides just planning and evaluating audits, you also have to draft action plans, set the dates involved and check fulfillment. We offer one single solution for all these tasks.

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We implement planned audits using a Gant diagram with standard functionalities such as classifying audits, managing question lists, and recording audit assessments along with any findings. Everything can be categorized by type and kind, and a register can be kept for causes, measures and subsequent actions. Measures can be used to launch logistics processes, set dates for them, and monitor their fulfillment, and register and then assess the renewal of their validity. Worklists and automated email notifications will help you to handle every activity on time.

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Planning—audits, action plans, corrective measures and validation renewal

Planning can either be automated on the basis of predefined cycles, or graphical based on a Gant diagram. Its outputs are worklists for your management staff, with an option for email notifications.

Processing data for an audit or action plan

One single overview screen handles audit data processing, the action plan, the record and the deployment of appropriate measures. All the key data is gathered here in the form of a cockpit.  

Graphical evaluation and outputs

The processing stage for the action plan and all of its measures can be monitored using graphical reports and worklists, and in extreme cases using printed reports as well. We can interconnect audit evaluations with other functionalities in the QM module and other SAP modules.

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