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EDI & SAP – Simply and at once

Need to secure EDI communication with your partners? Worried about SAP integration? Are your SAP specialists unsure whether you’ll be able to set up various delivery modes within the SD module? Does your SAP supplier lack the skills to integrate EDI communication into the system?

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Thanks to our combination of specialists in integration (EDI) and SAP under one roof, you don’t have to worry about coordinating with multiple suppliers. We take care of EDI communication in on-premise form or as a service, and then provide for full integration into SAP (HCI, PI, HTTPS and HTTP via VPN). We configure the SD module for processing call-offs, generating ASNs, printing transport documents and doing everything else that’s needed.

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What makes Aimtec better

A comprehensive delivery, tailored to your processes

We configure both systems so that they fully suit your company’s internal processes. We’ve been handling automotive companies’ integration for over 20 years now, and so we know their environment. We’ll make certain that the systems we set up for you suit you and make your work easier.

Providing for communication with customers and suppliers. Including a Web EDI portal option

Hook your suppliers into a lean supply process with the help of a web portal. It helps large companies connect to small suppliers, and for small suppliers, it opens up the way to the world of EDI. Communicate with a supplier while also gaining feedback into your SAP. The solution in a portal speed up your supply chain’s digitalization. Also, it enables your suppliers to work with call-offs, creating transport documents, label printing and delivery notes according to your specifications.

Complete process coverage throughout all of SAP (WM, PM, FI and PP)

With our solution, not only do you gain integration between EDI and SAP, but our SAP specialists will also help you set up the processes throughout your entire SAP ERP so that all of your data and information is shown where you need it. No more manual copying.

Advanced validation and monitoring

Our systems perform automated checks of your electronic delivery notes (ASNs) before they are sent out. This keeps you from sending erroneous ASNs and precludes potential fines (defect claims) from your customer. Nonstop monitoring runs in the background and shows you the statuses of outgoing ASN messages, from generation through validation all the way to acceptance by the customer.

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