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Operations Management

Check connected manufacturing processes
and optimise manufacturing efficiency

Horizontal and vertical integration

A MOM interconnects the entire supplier/customer chain, providing a precise and instant digital image. It integrates, monitors, manages and evaluates every process connected with manufacturing in real time.
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Increasing overall manufacturing efficiency
Losses caused by downtimes, reduced performance or an increased scrap rate are minimised. Material intake in production is synchronised, and production runs smoothly.
Production parameters are constantly monitored and non-standard states are escalated instantly. No non-standard units are admitted into further operations, and every non-standard status is checked by a qualified worker.
Every instruction goes automatically from control systems to the shop floor, straight to equipment and machines. Follow-up processes and operations are interconnected to achieve maximum efficiency.
An efficient tool for interconnecting your information system with all your technologies. It amounts to a layer for intelligently managing processes, people and technologies.  Everything is easy and quick to configure.

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Eissmann Group Automotive

One solution for your entire factory

Manufacturing Operational Management (MOM) Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Quality Management System (QMS) Warehouse Management System (WMS) Automation JITaJIS

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

A smart layer that connects the entire supplier/customer chain and gives you a precise instant digital image.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Comprehensive production-data collection and management. These systems manage, monitor and synchronise manufacturing processes in real time during the transformation of input material and raw materials into semi-finished goods and finished products.

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Advanced planning and scheduling

Operative planning and organisation of production. Supply-chain planning – for example planning of suppliers, contractual manufacturers and refurbishers.

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Quality Management System (QMS)

Administration and management of quality principles and standard operating procedures (SOP). This includes customer requirements, quality documents, audit procedures and protocols, discrepancy/risk management and more. 

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Management of internal logistics processes along with parts, materials, semi-finished goods and final products in warehouses and in production. Storage and loading. 

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Automation and MFC

Management of all your equipment as one unit. Semi- and fully-automated operations. 

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Just In Sequence / Just In Time (JIS/JIT)

Support for JIS/JIT supplier concepts from all automakers, daily deliveries, shipping and assembly in sequence. 

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“Don’t limit your plans to individual system components. Think through a comprehensive MOM solution covering logistics, quality and maintenance as one unit while connecting you with suppliers and customers.”

Zbyněk Černý

Zbyněk Černý Project Delivery Manager

Zbyněk Černý

Interconnect MOM with other systems and technologies

A MOM system integrates things such as manufacturing, quality, logistics and maintenance. But it can grow beyond even this and be connected with every available information system and manufacturing machine.
FlexSim MOM

Visualise a real state and simulate the solution

Use the power of the digital twin to get an instant impression of reality in a virtual environment. Or model variant solutions using FlexSim simulation software. Get an overview of complex systems.
Supplement your MOM solution with Zebra devices

Supplement your MOM solution with Zebra devices

Zebra Technologies offers a broad portfolio of automatic identification products and services. We’ll help you choose the right technologies.

Case study

A shift from paper to automated data collection and production planning

A comprehensive MOM solution for logistics and manufacturing has amplified plant efficiency at NOVASPORT. This customer gained a way to make predictions for a period of up to one year, simulate various scenarios and identify production bottlenecks. 

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