Aimtec Supply Chain Digitalisation


Supply Chain Digitalisation

A perfect picture of your orders and 100% reliable data

Absolute visibility for your supply chain

Rely on precise and timely information about order flow status. Avoid defective ASNs from suppliers thanks to digitalisation. Repair errors before they can affect your material flow.
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Deep knowledge of OEMs’ communication standards
New standards, constant changes, JIS, JIT and growing workloads… Leave the troubles to us. We’ve been specialists in digitalising automotive supply chains for over 25 years, and we know every process and requirement.
By validating ASNs and unifying EDI systems, we prevent errors, or remedy them immediately. We thus minimise defect charges from OEMs and unnecessary extra work during receipt of materials. And it’s all a natural built-in part of our service.
Don’t enslave your shipping to Excel. Large amounts of manually entered data means large amounts of errors. Our customer portal processes data all throughout your plant. Automatically and in one place.
Endless work on escalations, partner connections or new message types that eats up months? Not with us. We insist on providing quick service, with individual tasks taking just days. We’ll be your accelerator – not your brakes.

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Our solution’s benefits will win you over

Take advantage of over 25 years of experience with digitalising the automotive supply chain.

Integration into your choice of ERP

No matter whether you’re using SAP, Helios or something else, fully digitalised supply chains are truly achievable.

Ready for migrations to other plants

Meet your individual plants’ solution requirements while maintaining system standardisation.

A complete and problem-free solution

We handle sorting and identification and transfer your existing EDI into the new system.

Automotive experience = swift deployment

We handle testing, validation and communication with your partners.

An accelerated process for receipt of materials

Print labels and documents with custom specifications.

“A significant part of the automotive industry still operates within a semi-digitalised supply chain. Yet, there is tremendous potential for digitalisation here. Unlock the full potential of your supply network. We will create a comprehensive digitalisation strategy with you.”

Jan Stočes

Jan Stočes Chief Growth Officer

Jan Stočes

Free up your hands with complete B2B integration

The right integration will benefit you for years to come. Through it you’ll avoid the risks caused by bad data and ensure flexibility where you need it the most.


Do you know how to maximize the use of EDI and SAP?

Harness the  full potential of proper configuration. As experts in both SAP and EDI for the automotive industry, we provide comprehensive solutions for both technologies.


Do you want 100% coverage for B2B communication?

Aimtec Integration Platform takes the hassle out of EDI setup and management, business partner onboarding, and system integration.

Calculate your price for Cloud EDI

Curious on the cost of cloud EDI for your company? Based on our EDI customers’ real-world experience, we’ll prepare your solution price estimate after you fill in some basic data.

Case study

Coverage of B2B communication from A to Z

A company with roughly 1,000 employees struggled for a long time with fine-tuning EDI communication with new suppliers and the slowness of adopting new message formats in EDI.

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