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Connect your company’s systems
into one functional whole with a smart layer

A broad palette of time-tested tools for automation projects

We’ll help you to significantly speed up your business by combining facilities across a variety of ages and technological advancement. No matter whether you’re automating manufacturing or logistics, we know the right path for you.
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A concept you can build upon
Solutions aren’t eternal. So you need the ability to optimise, develop and quickly and easily repurpose them. And we provide it.
No matter how you’re connecting a technology, we can adapt to its interface.
We take care of deployment and maintenance. You take charge of changes and optimisations through your internal team.
Before you assemble the whole solution, we’ll help you verify performance and compare structural variants in a 3D digital environment.

Our customers

Eissmann Group Automotive
Forvia HELLA

Our solution’s benefits will win you over

Automate and integrate facilities, robots, conveyors and people into a single functional whole. Control them all from one place.

One single whole

Our smart layer joins your technologies into one whole, no matter whether they’re new or ten years old.

Flawless centralisation

You’ll be able to manage all your devices from one place.

A digitalisation platform

Our digitalisation platform can turn a complete set of behaviours – including all non-standard and error states – into algorithms.

Simulator / digital twin

We verify your entire solution in the laboratory before it is deployed into operation.

A platform in the cloud

Worry-free infrastructure and operations: just log into the system and start working. Quickly, easily, and without a care.

The most common automation technologies

No matter whether you’re considering gradual automation or thinking over a project for a new hall, you have a vast selection of tools and technologies. We’ll help you choose the right automation technologies.

Want to learn more about automation technologies and projects?

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automatizace ASRS
ASRS Swisslog
ASRS Gebhardt
ASRS Servus

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automatizace AGV
AGV Still
AGV Jungheinrich
AGV Toyota

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Automatizace AMR
AMR Movigo
AMR Fetch
AMR Idealworks

Vertical Lift System

Automatizace VLS
VLS KardexRemstar
VLS Hanel
VLS Modula

Very Narrow Aisle

Automatizace VNA
AGV Still
AGV Jungheinrich
AGV Toyota

Want to learn more about automation technologies and projects?

“Automation in manufacturing and logistics has one pitfall. You lose flexibility. Every solution is partly customised, and changes are complicated. With a digital platform, you can make them quickly and easily with no need for programming.”

Rostislav Schwob

Rostislav Schwob Supply Chain Solutions Director

Rostislav Schwob

Integrate your technologies with your information system

Our automation interconnects people, processes, technologies and machines, no matter how complex their logic. We know how to integrate technologies into SAP, another ERP or an external solution.
Supplement your automation solution with Zebra devices

Supplement your automation solution with Zebra devices

Zebra Technologies offers a broad portfolio of automatic identification products and services. We’ll help you choose the right technologies.

Case study

An automatic storage system using a digitalisation platform

All warehouse operations are fully paperless, with support for the flexible and modular AutoStore robotic solution. The WMS within Aimtec’s DCIx handles the receipt and put-away of up to 1,500 materials deliveries each day.

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