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Execution System

Collect the latest data and monitor
production processes in real time

Maximum performance and a clear vision at less cost

This solution can evaluate events in manufacturing and configure specific rules for every machine. It controls operations, assesses results and escalates for every discrepancy.
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Increased production performance
Timely discovery and elimination of selected downtimes and performance-reduction reasons cuts down on WIPs and raises overall efficiency.
A detailed digital image of production lets you acquire precise data and then use it when making decisions and setting remuneration.
Paper-free records save costs during subsequent administration and data rewriting – and also save time for managers.
We help you track, manage and improve workers’ qualifications for manufacturing work centres and processes. And increase their motivation.
Real-time management of work centres, machines and people, plus linked processes in quality, maintenance, logistics and production planning, all as one unit.

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Eissmann Group Automotive

Our MES solution’s benefits will win you over

Basic production parameters are reliable and registered down to the second: your machines do the record-keeping.

OEE – quality, performance, availability

Timesheets; correct and defective units; work times and downtimes; teamwork; multi-machine operation.


Regular, preventive and ad-hoc maintenance; maintenance response requests and registration; filing and tracking of maintenance tasks.

A skills matrix for every work centre and every machine

Skill expiration dates; increases and decreases to skill levels; training; skill checking before work begins.


The MES can notify designated persons of atypical states and incidents, escalate after solution deadlines and register responses and reasons.

Inter-operation quality

Verification plans; check frequencies; regular and spot checks.


A register holding serial numbers for products, utilised parts and materials, processing parameters (machines), and part histories.

“Implementing digital monitoring of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) doesn’t slow down production, nor does it restrict your operators. It lets you send data to machines and receive important parameters for future managerial decision-making in return.”

Václav Zajíček

Václav Zajíček DCIx Consultant

Václav Zajíček

Interconnect production with other systems

When a system is isolated, its possibilities are inhibited. Your MES can only reach its full potential if it’s linked with the information and control systems around it.
Supplement your MES solution with Zebra devices

Supplement your MES solution with Zebra devices

Zebra offers a broad portfolio of automatic identification products and services. We’ll help you choose the right technologies.

Case study

Digitalisation of manufacturing and logistics; SAP roll-out

A comprehensive digitalised traceability, sequencing and logistics solution for the majority of the group’s branches.

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